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10 Cruise Traditions That Have To Stop ? Now | Fox News

When youre boarding 4,000 passengers, asking every single one of them to stop, drop their stuff and smile for the camera in front of a fake beach backdrop means a massive logjam that just doesnt have to happen. When I have just flown 10 hours and have http://disneyconcepts.tumblr.com/ a bad case of pillow-head, the last thing I want is a souvenir picture. 2.&nbspLifeboat Drill iStock Airplane safety talks are important, but theyre also painless. Can you imagine if they lasted 45 minutes? Lifeboat drills are equally serious and for our own safety, but cruise ship passengers get the full drill on every cruise. We have to retrieve our life jackets from our staterooms and carry them down several stairways (no elevators allowed) through a crowd of possibly thousands of other guests, all to reach the same deck space where our lifeboat would be located if this was a real emergency. Add in a little subtle humiliation when you are required to put the life jacket on over your head, run a crotch-compressing strap between your legs and then locate your whistle. 3.&nbspEarly Morning Disembarkation iStock The worst part of any cruise is leaving the ship. Most cruise ships ask you to vacate your stateroom by 8:00 a.m, but that doesnt mean they are ready to let you off the ship.
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